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[texts]games-20140420.db.xz - /games/
Content as of 20140420
Keywords: /games/ discussion plot video game community JRPG rom Bioshock megaman
Downloads: 12
[texts]Buy Imatinib Veenat 400mg Tablets Online - 3G Chemist
3G Chemist is an online leading online drugstores that offers imatinib veenat 400mg tablets at the affordable price. Veenat 400mg manufactured by Natco Pharma and used to treat cancer of the white blood cells in the body.
Keywords: Veenat 400mg Tablets; Imatinib Tablets
[texts]DESCANSO Design & Performance Summary Series - Article 8 Deep Space 1 Navigation: Primary Mission - Brian Kennedy

Keywords: NASA; JPL; autonav; spacecraft; ips; navigation; thrust; data; tcm; nav; onboard; encounter; optical navigation; orbit determination; mission burn; ips thrust; radio navigation; navigation technology; image processing; data arc; ips thrusting; deep space; attitude control; maneuver planning; ion propulsion; scattered light; propulsion system; navigation description; control system; spacecraft position; nav main; maneuver file; flight software; autonav system; tracking data; thrust vector; thrust levels
Downloads: 5
[texts]The Future Calling - Tax Exempt Treason - G Edward Griffin
Griffin's concise introduction (in two parts) to the use of "tax exempt foundations" as fake charities set up by robber barons to control the USA. The Hidden Agenda: The Norman Dodd Interview Tax Exempt Foundations The Enemy Within - Norman Dodd Dr Stan Monteith Tax Exempt Foundations and Collectivist Treason - Overthrow of the USA -Obama's END GAME REVEALED - DocumentaryThe Subversion of America by Tax Exempt Foundations - 1953 Investigation - The Reece Hearings
Keywords: politics; institutions; religion; United Nations; G. Edward Griffin; collectivism; individualism; America; antony sutton; dumbing down; interview; NWO; globalism; propaganda; meerloo; reasoning; bernays; public relations; schools; education; socialim; marxism; zionism; tax exempt; foundations; cults; carnegie; Alex Jones; rockefeller; rothschild; illuminati; NEA; government; truth movement; alex jones; infowars; social studies; curriculum; globalist; UN; armies; wars; engineering; reagan; administration; corruption; information; FED; federal reserve; banking; communist; republican; History; Domination; Terror; Submission; Eugenics; Wohlberg; lawyer; academics; journalism; banker; professional; manipulation; oligarchy; fascism; corporate fascism; politics; historical; psychological; cognitive infiltration; mighty wurlitzer; kleptocracy; movies; free; archive; footage; freemason; bush; cheney; bloodlines; marrs; deviant; psychopaths; 300; black nobility; slavery; servitude; sociological; health; medicine; NAU
Downloads: 416
[texts]Treatise on elephants - G H Evans
Evans GH 1901 Treatise on elephants. Govt of burma
Keywords: elephants; veterinary
Downloads: 214
[texts]Removal and Recovery of Levafix Brilliant Red E-4BA and Levafix Brilliant Red E-6BA from Aqueous Solution by MembraneTechnique - G Muthuraman
The transport and recovery of Levafix brilliant red E-4BA and Levafix brilliant red E-6BA were investigated using polypropylene (PP) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fiber based supported liquid membrane containing tetra butyl ammonium bromide (TBAB) in coconut oil as a carrier. The influencing parameters studies are: pH of the feed solution, concentration of dye in the feed solution, extractant concentration, various kind of stripping agent, rate of stirring, time of transport, reusability of...
Keywords: Transport; Polytetrafluoroethylene; Extractant; Reusability; Viscosity
Downloads: 20
[texts]RIVOT RAG - VOL.3 ISSUE 3 NOV.2004 - G O D
A cool metal zine outta Clearwater ,FL , focusing on the Tampa Bay area metal scene , and world-wide bands. This issue has a feature article on a bunch of Tampa area bands ,plus swell interviews with Japanische Kampfhorspiele , Circle Of Dead Children ,Archeron ,Watain ,and Disiplin ,as well as reviews of new releases ,and Ozzfest 2004! I have a pile of these zines,and I believe the zine has folded...
Keywords: archeron; circle of dead children; clearwater; death metal; disiplin; japanische kampfhorspiele; metal; ozzfest 2004; rivot rag; ronnie james dio; tampa; watain; zines; SLUGGISHA; MEDIA CHRIST
Downloads: 16
[texts]STALEFISH - Issue 3 - G O D
Don't recall what Ft. Myers skater kids put this out,but they do mention Sluggisha ,Buzz Workshop ,the local Germs contingent's rumored Germicide tribute show, and the pages are packed with so much info and graphics ,that even though it's only 7 pages ,it will take you a while to read thru it! Pretty neat-o ,wish I had more issues!
Keywords: buzzworkshop; florida; ft. myers; germicide; graphics; info; skateboard; skaters; sluggisha; stalefish; the germs; zines; sluggisha; media christ
Downloads: 42
[texts]RETARD RIOT #39 - G O D
My pal Noah Lyon (noahlyon.com or retard riot.com) ,a great artist in a league of his own, sent me some issues of his mini art zine Retard Riot ,along with some cds (check Sluggisha for those!) ,and some buttons he made. He recently appeared at Art Basel 2011 in Miami Beach in October ,and has been doing art shows all over! Check his blogs for tons of his art and more info. The buttons ,art ,and zines can be ordred from Noah himself! Here's issue #39 with art by Noah ,Food Fortunata,Matt Leines ...
Keywords: art; art basel 2011; buttons; cds; food fortunata; leif goldberg; matt leines; miami; noah lyon; retard riot; satan; sergio coyote; MEDIA CHRIST; SLUGGISHA
Downloads: 68
[texts]RETARD RIOT - Issue 31 -Oct. 31 ,2010 - G O D
A neat little art zine ,featuring drawings from Noah Lyon (http://retardriot.com/ ) ,who put this together ,Mat Brinkman,Martha Cloburn,Edie Fake,Food Fortunata (!!),Joe Grillo,Marder-III,Billy Miller,Mudboy,and Winston Smith! Plus the cool Manson sticker seen above! Support Noah! Buysome shit from him! His little buttons and pins are awesome! Go see his shows! Dr.Ninja is half of the Grateful Dead Kennedys! Only 300 copies pressed!
Keywords: art; food fortunata; misanthrope zine; mudboy; new york city; noah lyon; retard riot; winston smith; SLUGGISHA; MEDIA CHRIST
Downloads: 39
[texts]EAR OF CORN - Issue #1 - G O D
Here begins the unleashing of the Ear Of Corn zine series. Published by Food Fortunata of Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records (WCFOOM) ,and member of bands such as,Sockeye,Boy In Love, Breathilizor, Fossil Fuel ,ZATH ,and hundreds more! Always funny,great reviews and art and interviews.Fasten your seatbelts,I have all 30 issues,which I will post ,in order,maybe once a week or so. So enjoy this,and praise Food in the comments!(he reads this blog,I'm sure he'll appreciate a few words from his fans!...
Keywords: art; boy in love; breathilizor; ear of corn; food fortunata; fossil fuel; funny; interviews; music; photos; reviews; sockeye; wcfoom; wheelchair full of old men records; zath; zines; sluggisha.blogspot.com; mediachrist.blogspot.com
Downloads: 69
[texts]PANTS FACE - Some Drawings By Food Fortunata - G O D
A little chap book of illustrations by my buddy ,Food! Nobody draws in his style ,and of this collection ,you may have seen some of these used elsewhere before,but never in this full booklet PDF format.Some of the drawings pictured above may or may not be in this zine.
Keywords: art; comics; drawings; food fortunata; pants face; tardcore; SOCKEYE; SLUGGISHA; MEDIA CHRIST
Downloads: 69
[texts]GOREHOUND - Horror Punk Zine + Compilation Disc - G O D
This is issue one of Gorehound zine ,put out by Destro Von Doom, out of Virginia ,who had a band at the time ,"The Von Dooms". I could not locate any of their releases online ,if anyone has a rip or link ,please pass it on to me! The zine has an interview with ,Jackson Phibes,(Tomb), of the bands ,Color Me Psycho , Forbidden Dimension ,and under his own name ,solo .And an interview with Drew Bluud,of the In The Graveyard radio show on 91.9 WNTI in Pennsylvania,plus an interview with Judy Evers o...
Keywords: color me psycho; destro von doom; drew bluud; forbidden dimension; gorehound zine; horror rock; jackson phibes; judy evers; misfits; music; pennsylvania; punk rock; the von dooms; virginia; MEDIA CHRIST; SLUGGISHA
Downloads: 170
[texts]EAR OF CORN - Issue #2 - G O D
EOC #2 ,by Food Fortunata ,has interviews with ,Ism ,Caroliner ,and GG Allin ,plus reviews of records, how to start a band! ,Mr. Fun's Maze , Things I'll Do, altered comics ,and Food's crazy artwork. Great reading! March 1989
Keywords: art; caroliner; comics; ear of corn; food fortunata; gg allin; interviews; ism; reviews; wcfoom; wheelchair full of old men records; zines; SOCKEYE; SLUGGISHA; MEDIA CHRIST
Downloads: 103
[texts]RUCKUS - Issue #3 "The Sickness" - G O D
While it's noted on the cover ,that this is "the official hate zine of Ft. Myers,FL",it's not hateful at all ,(not much,at least!) ,in fact it's downright funny! I can't tell you how many times ,I've laughed out loud ,reading the article ,"Some Turds,Sir?" , an expose' on different types of bowel movements. I don't know who was responsible for this,but I have a sneaking suspicion that my old pal Sean Sommers was somehow involved! I remeber several times at shows,Sean and his crew would be saying...
Keywords: gorilla skins; hate; ruckus zine; sean sommers; the sickness issue; turds; zines; sluggisha.blogspot.com; mediachrist.blogspot.com
Downloads: 66
[texts]EAR OF CORN - Issue #4 - G O D
Nine Pound Hammer and Killdozer are interviewed within ,that alone should get you reading this! Plus Food's crazy art-stylings ,reviews ,and articles about stuff. If you love Sockeye and/or Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records ,you should be looking at this zine! Thank you
Keywords: comics; drawings; ear of corn; food fortunata; interviews; killdozer; nine pound hammer; reviews; sockeye; wcfoom; wheelchair full of old men records; zines; MEDIA CHRIST; SLUGGISHA
Downloads: 84
[texts]EAR OF CORN - Issue #7 - G O D
Downloads: 98
[texts]INVISIBLE YOUTH zine - Issue #2 - G O D
A local Ft. Myers ,FL based ska zine. Put together by the Invisible Man (?!!?). Reviews, upcoming shows, news ,all about ska in 1996.
Keywords: 1996; florida; ft. myers; gigs; invisible man; invisible youth; music; reviews; ska; specials; zines; SLUGGISHA; MEDIA CHRIST
Downloads: 61
[texts]BETTY PAGE - Issue #2 - Punk Comix - G O D
Published by Dirk Vermin and Fetish Press in 1994 ,in Las Vegas. Issue #1 is on this blog as well ,but this one may be even better! A fantasy starring Betty with various big-name punkers,in great illustrations. Only 1000 printed ,so it is a rarity. I have a bunch more Betty page comics,zines,books,video and more. Ask for it and I shall reveal all! In glorious pdf format!
Keywords: 1994; adult; betty page; bondage; comics; dirk vermin; fetish comix; fetish press; las vegas; leather; naked girls; nude; punk rock; rare; MEDIA CHRIST; SLUGGISHA
Downloads: 812
[texts]GOODIES - 74 - G O D
Another nude-filled issue of the long-running adult ,mini- comic/art book. Published by Brad Foster at Jabberwocky Graphix ,July 1990. PDF for easy reading.
Keywords: art; brad w. foster; comics; fetish comix; goodies; illustrated; jabberwocky graphix; nude; porn
Downloads: 662
In this issue of the comic that chronicles serial killers , Pogo the clown is in full force! John's story is told ,in comic book format ,and there is even a few ads where you could buy his artwork (he painted the front cover of this!) ,from Rick Staton's Grindhouse Graphics ,which I think is now closed , and you could,when he was still alive of course ,send him a photo of yourself ,and for 55 dollars ,he would paint a portrait of you.This place still has some of his art for sale ,a few priced at...
Keywords: art; comics; grindhouse graphics; hyaena gallery; john wayne gacy; paintings; psycho killers; rick staton; MEDIA CHRIST; SLUGGISHA
Downloads: 480
[texts]GOODIES - 70 - G O D
A small sized adult comic/art booklet (subtitled ,"The Little Book Of Naughty Bits"),with plenty of humor and hot naked girls ,in cartoon form. I have about a half dozen of these ,if you like them ,become a follower to this blog,leave a comment or two about what you want to see more of! I will try to make it happen! Published by Jabberwocky Graphix in Irving ,TX. Editor Brad W. Foster did the cover art ,and in this issue there is stuff from : R.C.Harvey ,Doug Holverson , Kyle Miller , Erik Weems...
Keywords: adult; art; brad w. foster; comics; fetish comix; funny; goodies; humor; irving; jabberwocky graphix; naked girls; nude; porn; texas; xxx; MEDIA CHRIST; SLUGGISHA
Downloads: 739
[texts]Catering In Melbourne Brochure 2014 - G'Day Chef
As Melbourne's leading catering and event specialists, we exceed expectations by making every occasion a unique dining experience. Our clients trust us to deliver exceptional events, from private dinners to large corporate functions.
Keywords: catering melbourne; caterer; catering
Downloads: 42
[texts]g-h-1-2012l.doc - g-h-1-2012l.doc
Keywords: g-h-1-2012l.doc
Downloads: 9
[texts]g-h-1-2012l.pdf-267 - g-h-1-2012l.pdf
Keywords: g-h-1-2012l.pdf
Downloads: 16
[texts]g-h-1-2012l.pdf - g-h-1-2012l.pdf
Keywords: g-h-1-2012l.pdf
Downloads: 7
[texts]g-h-11-2012.doc - g-h-11-2012.doc
Keywords: g-h-11-2012.doc
Downloads: 16
[texts]g-h-11-2012.pdf - g-h-11-2012.pdf
Keywords: g-h-11-2012.pdf
Downloads: 12
[texts]g-h-11-2012.pdf-878 - g-h-11-2012.pdf-878
Keywords: g-h-11-2012.pdf-878
Downloads: 12
[texts]g-h-12-2012.doc - g-h-12-2012.doc
Keywords: g-h-12-2012.doc
Downloads: 18
[texts]g-h-12-2012.pdf - g-h-12-2012.pdf
Keywords: g-h-12-2012.pdf
Downloads: 6
[texts]g-h-12-2012.pdf-593 - g-h-12-2012.pdf-593
Keywords: g-h-12-2012.pdf-593
Downloads: 6
[texts]g-h-3K42012.doc - g-h-3K42012.doc
Keywords: g-h-3K42012.doc
Downloads: 14
[texts]g-h-3K42012.pdf - g-h-3K42012.pdf
Keywords: g-h-3K42012.pdf
Downloads: 7
[texts]g-h-3K42012.pdf-357 - g-h-3K42012.pdf
Keywords: g-h-3K42012.pdf
Downloads: 14
[texts]g-h-5-2012.doc - g-h-5-2012.doc
Keywords: g-h-5-2012.doc
Downloads: 17
[texts]g-h-5-2012.pdf - g-h-5-2012.pdf
Keywords: g-h-5-2012.pdf
Downloads: 7
[texts]g-h-5-2012.pdf - g-h-5-2012.pdf-856
Keywords: g-h-5-2012.pdf-856
Downloads: 10
[texts]g-h-6-2012.doc - g-h-6-2012.doc
Keywords: g-h-6-2012.doc
Downloads: 14
[texts]g-h-6-2012.pdf - g-h-6-2012.pdf
Keywords: g-h-6-2012.pdf
Downloads: 7
[texts]g-h-6-2012.pdf-461 - g-h-6-2012.pdf-461
Keywords: g-h-6-2012.pdf-461
Downloads: 15
[texts]g-h-8-2012.doc - g-h-8-2012.doc
Keywords: g-h-8-2012.doc
Downloads: 10
[texts]g-h-8-2012.pdf - g-h-8-2012.pdf
Keywords: g-h-8-2012.pdf
Downloads: 8
[texts]g-h-8-2012.pdf-747 - g-h-8-2012.pdf-747
Keywords: g-h-8-2012.pdf-747
Downloads: 8
[texts]g-h-8-2012.pdf-747-329 - g-h-8-2012.pdf-747-329
Keywords: g-h-8-2012.pdf-747-329
Downloads: 11
[texts]g-h-92012.doc - g-h-92012.doc
Keywords: g-h-92012.doc
Downloads: 21
[texts]g-h-92012.pdf - g-h-92012.pdf
Keywords: g-h-92012.pdf
Downloads: 9
[texts]g-h-92012.pdf-384 - g-h-92012.pdf-384
Keywords: g-h-92012.pdf-384
Downloads: 11
[texts]furthur Live at The Spirit of Suwanee Music park - g-man
Tuning, Playing in the Band> China Cat> Estimated Prophet> Ramble On Rose, Birdsong, Sugar Magnolia> Playing in the Band Help on the Way> Slipknot> Franklins Tower> Cryptical Envelopment> The Other One> Shakedown Street> Viola Lee Blues> Bertha> Viola Lee Blues> Wharf Rat> Viola Lee Blues, Stella Blue> I Know You Rider, Donor Rap. U.S. Blues
Keywords: Furthur, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, G-Man
Downloads: 194 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Energy and Entropy - G. A. Alekseev
With the discovery, between 1845 and 1847, of the principle of conservation of energy, the importance of energy for human life and progress was recognized, and scientists gave energy the romantic name of `The Queen of the Worldâ. Some twenty years later scientists discovered entropy, a measure of the dissipation of energy. This book outlines the history of the formulation of these two notions. Ideas and concepts that were crystallizing in the human mind for thousands of years as the result of o...
Keywords: physics; energy; entropy; machines; thermodynamics; second law; negentropy; machines; conversion
Downloads: 327
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